What we do

As experts in Global Transport & Logistics,
Commercial Strategy and Sales Enablement we help clients
develop effective strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Think global, act local. We have global experience
with deep expertise and network in the USA and Latin America.

Container Shipping Logistics Strategy & Market Trends

  • Provide strategic guidance to governments for commercial viability in container ports and large-scale infrastructure projects.
  • Gear Investment Capital Firms with global transportation industry insight.
  • Advise Logistics Technology Start-ups with commercial strategy for new services and markets

Ocean Freight Contracting Strategy & Negotiation

  • Establish ocean freight procurement strategies for medium to large-sized shippers
  • Use value elements exchange to steer ocean contracting negotiations

Capability and Skills Development

  • Develop your Commercial Enablement Vision
  • Implement your Commercial Capability Development Program
  • Design and execute your Sales Capability Training Programs

Latin America Expertise

  • Empower business development in Latin America and the USA
  • Consult Container Logistics Ports and Infrastructure Investment Capital Firms
  • Direct Logistics Technology Start-up with commercial strategy and market insights
  • Implement Sales and Commercial Capability Development and Training Programs

What people say about us.

As we were getting started on Nuvocargo, Nino's help was invaluable in understanding the logistics market and different opportunities that technology startups could tackle. Nino has a very unique strategic lens of the logistics industry with regards to traditional opportunities in the market, but also specifically where technology can play a role and add value. His experience leading sales teams in Maersk across LatAm was also useful to us in considering how we build our teams and what market opportunities to focus on first. I highly recommend Nino and can vouch for his character.
WhatsApp Image 2020-08-25 at 8.35.44 PM
With more than two billions of dollars for logistics investment, the Tehuantepec Isthmus Land-Bridge (CIIT) is one of the three key projects for the Mexican government and the current administration. Nino’s expertise in container shipping has been instrumental to set the direction of the product offer and to determine the commercial viability of the project. His knowledge of the USA and Latin America markets has been fundamental to craft the value proposition for the future logistics hub for the Americas. Nino has a strong commercial acumen that influences the decision-making process while continuously advising the administration of the Land-Bridge (CIIT) in regards to global transportation and intermodal opportunities.
Nino’s ability to build a compelling Sales Enablement Vision aligned with the client’s strategy and high return on sales is impressive. I have witnessed how it works for large global teams as well as for smaller local teams. His focus on sales skills and sales processes allows him to develop a capability framework and sales training programs rooted with his client’s needs. It clearly lays the path for achieving results.
Nino works with strategy and clear goals. He has sharp commercial instincts and a holistic vision of the Latin America Global Transport & Logistics scope that allows him to jointly create value with clients